Our audiovisual industry is constantly looking for upcoming talent and unique content as creators cross borders and go global. Nordic Talents has always been an important bridge-building event but in 2022, after two digital editions, the re-born physical event lands in a more network-seeking and talent-hungry time than ever before.

Nordic Talents builds bridges from one professional generation to another, from one Nordic region to another and from local ideas to global ambitions.  New formats and insights are discussed in a professional and sharing atmosphere. This year Nordic production companies will not only introduce their activities, but also share their current industry issues.

All in the room should be both congratulated and thanked for making this unique event happen. A special thank you goes to the presenters of the fifteen fresh films, series, and documentaries in a broad variation of genres and mixed genres. The finalists have been selected by pan-Nordic professionals from close to fifty suggestions. I was already inspired by reading the internal evaluation comments, such as: fantastical, mythical, daring characters, comedical, unflinching, cool, relevant, sensitive, exiting, holistic, intriguing, poetic, risk taking, genre twist, a clear vision, a personal cinematic signature….

The Nordic Talents jury will surely have tough job of awarding two of the fifteen projects. The good thing is that all upcoming creators already have won as their professional journey will be launched at a Nordic networking event. During the pandemic years our team worked hard to enable fruitful digital meetings, but nothing can of course replace encounters in real life. Let’s all make the most of it and network more than ever!

Liselott Forsman
CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond