21 October 12:15-13:30 (CEST)
ESCAPING BOLIVIA(drama series/true-crime, 6x50’)
When 17-year old Sofie, her girlfriend, and sister in-law are caught with 22 kilos of cocaine on a Bolivian airport on their way back to Norway, they are in for a rude awakening. Their dream of an exotic adventure becomes a sobering journey into a women's prison; a corrupt cesspool run by the inmates. Desperate and scared the girls begin pointing fingers at each other. Sentenced to 13 years for cocaine smuggling, and no one who believes you - how do you fight your way back to life as it used to be?

Pitched by: Emilie Beck (director)

Email: emiliekbeck@gmail.com

School: The Norwegian Film School (NO)

EMILIE'S graduation film:
The Pilot - Two girls in Jessheim (FIC)
Length (in minutes): 10
Get to know the two main characters of the tv-series before they go on towards their biggest mistake of their lives; Going to Bolivia to smuggle 22 kilos of cocaine back to Norway, getting caught and sentenced to thirteen years in prison. But now; they still don't know what is going to happen when a young student interviews them for a school project.

Director: Emilie Beck

Producer: The Norwegian Film School

Scriptwriter: Emilie Beck

Cinematographer: Jens Ramborg

Editor: Emilie Beck

Sound Designer: Håkon Julsrud

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KOLBAR(documentary film)
A 16-year-old working on the border between Iran and Iraq. In order to make more money and fulfil his dream, he has to start smuggling goods across the border.

Pitched by: Hazhir Ibrahimi (director) and Ole Henrik Furberg Karlsen (producer)

Email: ibrahimihazhir@gmail.com / olehenfk@gmail.com

School: The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Hazhir’s graduation film:
Please Wait... (DOC)
Length (in minutes): 18
The film opens a window into the lives of two brothers Peshawa and Komar, at the Drevsjø asylum centre (Norway). Through an observational lens we will learn the dreams of the brothers. Furthermore, we get to know their hopes, which become a feeling of loss due to the uncertainty of their situation.

Director: Hazhir Ibrahimi

Producer: -

Scriptwriter: -

Cinematographer: Uffe Mulvad

Editor: Emma Lagrelius

Sound Designer: Bjørnar Hegg-Lunde

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Ole Henrik does not graduate with a film.
BLACK DRAGON EXPRESS(animated series, 10x22’)
Trapped on a magical flying train without a ticket, a human girl must work for the strange characters on board until reaching destination Earth.

Pitched by: Mathias Rodrigues Bjerre (director)

Email: rodriguesbjerre@gmail.com

School: The National Film School of Denmark (DK)

Mathias’ graduation film:
I Don't Have Time for This (ANI)
Length (in minutes): 18
There’s a huge problem. The wristwatch that David’s company launches in a few days has a mistake. It doesn’t count seconds precisely. This comes up hours before a planned couple’s vacation. Torn between a huge career opportunity and a vacation with his girlfriend, David foregoes common sense and tries to fix the watch, so his co-worker won’t get the credit for it, whilst also enjoying drinks on the beach. He learns, all too late, that you can’t have it all.

Director: Mathias Rodrigues Bjerre

Producer: Mads-August Grarup Hertz

Scriptwriter: Mathias Rodrigues Bjerre, Sune Kofod Maglegaard

Cinematographer: Mathias Rodrigues Bjerre

Editor: Mathias Rodrigues Bjerre

Sound Designer: Peter Storm

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WOMAN WALKING(fiction film)
When a woman starts walking around on a field in an apparently meaningless pattern, her family and the local community goes crazy in the attempt to find out why.

Pitched by: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers (director) and Emil Wahl (scriptwriter)

Email: kerrenlk@gmail.com / emilf.wahl@gmail.com

School: The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Kerren and Emil’s graduation film:
Papapa (FIC)
Length (in minutes): 23
In the near future, a young girl meets her donor-father for the first time. Together they go through experimental therapy exercises, in the hopes of making their relation more than just a theory.

Director: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers

Producer: Jeppe Wowk

Scriptwriter: Emil Wahl

Cinematographer: Uffe Mulvad

Editor: Linn Heidi Slåttøy

Sound Designer: Vilde Tiller Hagestande

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WHATEVER LIFE(web/cross-media series, 12 x 22/24')
Pieruperse is an anonymous artist, who’s post-it cartoons have blown-up to be a huge Instagram phenomenon in Finland. Whatever Life transitions the cartoon’s distinctive worldview into a comedy series while updating the sketch show format to match the new decade.

Pitched by: Severi Koivusalo (writer/director/producer)

Email: severi.koivusalo@gmail.com

School: ELO Film School Finland (FI)

Severi’s graduation film:
Whatever Life (WEB/CROSS-MEDIA)
Length (in minutes): 19
Whatever Life is a pilot episode for a tv-series that transfers the peculiar mindset of Pieruperse into a tragicomic comedy series, meanwhile updating the sketch comedy format to fit the new decade.

Director: Severi Koivusalo

Producer: Severi Koivusalo

Scriptwriter: Pieruperse, Severi Koivusalo, Veikko Ylitalo

Cinematographer: Samuli Ahonen

Editor: Nikke Bagge

Sound Designer: Toni Ilo, Jani Nikander

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