21 October 10:15-11:30 (CEST)
ROOK(drama series, 20/25')
After leaving the local chess club, Reza decides along with his new apprentice to start his own and recruit an army of misfits. The clubs fight for the championship, resulting in intrigues, broken hearts and lots of humour.

Pitched by: Mohamed Chakiri (director) and Emil Wahl (writer)

Email: mohamed.achakiri@gmail.com / emilf.wahl@gmail.com

School: The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Mohamed’s graduation film:
Norwegian Couscous (FIC)
Length (in minutes): 22
Dounia lives a double life, caught between two cultures. She decides to merge the two worlds together and bring her Norwegian boyfriend home to her Moroccan Muslim family.

Director: Mohamed Chakiri

Producer: Ingvil Sæther Berger

Scriptwriter: Rakel Kraft Biørnstad

Cinematographer: Kim André Aspen

Editor: Januar Omdahl

Sound Designer: Magnus Haukaas

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Emil’s graduation film:
Papapa (FIC)
Length (in minutes): 23
In the near future, a young girl meets her donor-father for the first time. Together they go through experimental therapy exercises, in the hopes of making their relation more than just a theory.

Director: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers

Producer: Jeppe Wowk

Scriptwriter: Emil Wahl

Cinematographer: Uffe Mulvad

Editor: Linn Heidi Slåttøy

Sound Designer: Vilde Tiller Hagestande

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THE BEAST FRIEND(fiction film)
Intimate story of a young woman befriending a gigantic bear, set in modern-day Finland. The seemingly cute friendship takes a sharp turn into a disturbing power play, forcing the viewer to reflect on their own past relationships and choices.

Pitched by: Julia Elomäki (producer) and Lauri-Matti Parppei (writer/director)

Email: julia@tekele.fi / lauri-matti@kapitan.fi

School: ELO Film School Finland (FI)

Julia and Lauri-Matti’s graduation film:
The Last Day (FIC)
Length (in minutes): 16
The Last Day is an intimate, experimental musical. It follows two lovers spend their last 24 hours together. They live in different countries and will never meet again, and the final moments are spent having sex, eating and drinking. The film, otherwise grounded in realism, uses Orthodox Christian church music as the narrator, and the main characters' dialogue is delivered in recitative, to express those strangely massive feelings the characters are going through.

Director: Lauri-Matti Parppei

Producer: Julia Elomäki

Scriptwriter: Lauri-Matti Parppei

Cinematographer: Samuli Ahonen

Editor: Niina Vornanen

Sound Designer: Vili Laitinen

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RACING HEARTS(documentary film)
Racing Hearts is about Swedish race car driver Ewy Rosqvist and her journey to Argentina together with co-driver Ursula Wirth. They will drive for Mercedes-Benz in the infamous and dangerous Argentina VI Gran Premio de Turismo 1962.

Pitched by: Milla Bergh (writer/director/editor)

Email: milla@escathon.se

School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) (SE)

Milla’s graduation film:
Racing Hearts (DOC)(work in progress)
Length (in minutes): 25
Racing Hearts is about Swedish race car driver Ewy Rosqvist and her journey to Argentina together with co-driver Ursula Wirth. They will drive for Mercedes-Benz in the infamous and dangerous Argentina VI Gran Premio de Turismo 1962.

Director: Milla Bergh

Producer: Martin Bergh

Scriptwriter: Milla Bergh

Cinematographer: Sergio C Ayala, archival footage

Editor: Milla Bergh

Sound Designer: TBA

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LEGENDARY (fiction film)
We follow Micky, an 18-year-old incel, in his quest to lose his virginity. The more he finds his real and gentle self to be inadequate the more he imitates a bad boy ideal ultimately making him a perpetrator.

Pitched by: Mads Lind Knudsen (writer/director)

Email: madslknudsen@hotmail.com

School: The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Mads’ graduation film:
Before Long (FIC)
Length (in minutes): 27
Between the darkness of her dying mother’s hotel room and the heat of the sun outside, 17-year-old Fanny is split between grief and lust during a Summer holiday in Southern Europe.

Director: Sylvia Le Fanu

Producer: Caroline Hitland

Scriptwriter: Mads Lind Knudsen

Cinematographer: Jan Bastian Muñoz Marthinsen

Editor: Mads Jøns Frausig

Sound Designer: Linn Therese Kollerød

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THE EARWIG(fiction film)
The Earwig is about a famous male artist who is confronted by the audience during a live talk show, where he makes a fool of himself and at the same time gets turned into an earwig. He loses his social and professional status and now has to earn it back among former friends, family and colleagues on Southern Gotland.

Pitched by: Sebastian Johansson Micci (writer/director/producer)

Email: sebastian.micci@gmail.com

School: HDK-Valand (SE)

Sebastian’s graduation film:
The Drowning Goat (FIC)
Length (in minutes): 27
Luca arrives by plane to visit his dad and his new family in Sweden. Luca is eager to make a good impression and to be accommodating, but the visit does not go as planned and a stressed situation releases the underlying tensions.

Director: Sebastian Johansson Micci

Producer: Erik Sundblad

Scriptwriter: Sebastian Johansson Micci

Cinematographer: Jonathan Bjerstedt

Editor: Sebastian Johansson Micci

Sound Designer: Simon Johansson, Jonas Källstrand

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