Thursday 8 September 13.00 - 14.25


The Rhythms

Drama 80 min

A hybrid film about children in a housing project in Oslo. Depicting the contrast between the grown-up world of systems and words and the childhood world of tactility and curiosity.

Pitched by Magnus Lysbakken (Director)
School The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Magnus’s graduation film


Fiction 28 min

A hybrid film about a primary school in winter, and the rhythm of day and night.

A goal of this project was to make a sustainable film, resulting in 97 % less emissions than usual production methods.

Director Magnus Lysbakken
Scriptwriter Magnus Lysbakken
Cinematographer Magnus Lysbakken
Editor Magnus Lysbakken
Sound Designer Johan Pram



experimental, mythical, hybrid 60 min

We want to invite you to reflect on the intersections between man and horse, love and dominance, saga and reality. What connections can we see between today’s luxury horse business and the mythological story of Pegasus?

Pitched by Sally Jacobson (Director)
School HDK-Valand (SE)

Sally’s graduation film

Systema Naturae

Documentary 16 min

Systema Naturae – or, a metaphoric masturbation on man’s magic of mastering is a hybrid short film which examines how human dominance affects the lives of others and each other. Documentary scenes from various YouTube clips are being shown through a fictional tv-show, in which an impossible but yet charismatic host presents, comments and reacts to the displayed material.

Director Sally Jacobson
Producer Sally Jacobson
Scriptwriter Sally Jacobson
Cinematographer Jacqueline Andrén
Editor Sally Jacobson
Sound Designer Dennis Boukas


My Iris within

Romantic-friendship-dramedy 90 min

When a pessimistic wedding photographer loses her best friend in an accident, she is confronted by the meaning of life. Her mother, friends and boyfriend work against her epiphany, which forces her to look for a new community.

Pitched by Emma Lund Rasmussen (Director)
School The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Emma’s graduation film

My idiotic heart

Fiction 26

Ida is having doubts about what kind of life she wants to live. When she gets pregnant with her boyfriend, Eskild, she realizes she doesn’t want the child. The fear of Eskild leaving her, if she shares her true feelings, makes her have an abortion in secret, while she makes him believe it was a miscarriage. Will Ida find the courage to share the truth with him?

Director Emma Lund Rasmussen
Producer  Emilie Bredtved Hansen
Scriptwriter Andreas Lübker and Emma Lund Rasmussen
Cinematographer Sophie Søborg Mosbæk
Editor Andrea Rådahl
Sound Designer Thomas Staugaard
Production designer Waad Amer
VFX Brage Raassum


Short Story of Longing

Drama 20 min, 3 episodes

The filmmaker seeks answers for the distance she feels between her and her father. She starts looking in the past and finds a story that nobody in her family, including herself, really wants to tell.

Pitched by Katinka Marie Hustad (Director)
School The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Katinka’s graduation film

Short Story of Longing

Documentary 20 min, 3 episodes

“Is my father also your father?”, says the boy at the age of six in the garden. He is trying to connect the dots about how this family is structured. The woman filming is answering yes. They are halfsibling, but they are just getting to know each other. And this conversation sparks the investigation for the filmmaker to go into her family history and find out why there is so much absence in her family.

Director Katinka Marie Hustad
Cinematographer Katinka Marie Hustad
Editor Katinka Marie Hustad
Sound Designer Frode Løes Hvatum


Exchange and return

Deadpan comedy, drama 105 min

“Authenticity” becomes questionable when people can change their whole life by stepping out of their shoes and picking up another pair on the street. Everyone would have enough hopes, dreams and passions for several lives – but death sets the limit.

Pitched by Jesse Jalonen (director)
School ELO Film School (FI)

Jesse’s graduation film

Nobody Meets Your Eyes

Fiction 65 min

All around us, there lives a group of “invisibles”, people who are only perceivable via a camera. We meet two of them: Tuomas is a single parent to his daughter, who is the only person in the world seeing him normally; Ninni is a young woman in an emerging online relationship, meeting her crush for the first time “in real life”. In combination with these parallel stories, the film uses street footage and testimonies from other “invisibles” to reflect on questions of loneliness, visibility and perception. Our world is exposed as one where the prosaic and the poetic, the factual and the imaginary, live together.

Director Jesse Jalonen
Producer Ella Ruohonen
Scriptwriter Jesse Jalonen
Cinematographer Jesse Jalonen
Editor Sanna Liinamaa
Sound Designer Samuli Ala-Lahti