Wednesday 7 September 16.55 - 18.10


The Dandelion Children

Social issue drama / emotional 30 min. 3 episodes

A defense for the dandelion children, told in close up portraits by a filmmaker who knows them one on one. From Bandidos to trailer-parks to gender reassignment, these three portraits will let you see them and their hearts with new eyes. 

Pitched by Ida Theresa Myklebost (Director)
School: The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Ida’s graduation film

Going Home

Documentary series 30 min

“Going Home” is episode 2 of the documentary series “The Dandelion Children”.

Akischa spits in her hand and uses the saliva to make her perfect hair do. Her “war-shield”, as she calls it. She is about to call her mum from her safe Oslo apartment. Pours a beer, and gathers strength to tell her mother that she will come home for Thanksgiving. Home, a trailer park in Florida where she grew up with an absentee mother and three wolves. Yes, real wolves. A home she left as a teenager and never looked back to. Where her scars lies, and her past haunts her from. Facing rejection and lack of proper parentship her whole life, she will now return to “face my shit”, as she says.

With enthusiasm and dreams, dressed in a pink princess dresss, and with a hopeful filter towards the world that only dandelion children can make up, she eagerly returns and hopes for a loving reunion.

Delirious with expectations, because of course her mother will yet again fail her. In a trashy motel by the highway filled with cockroaches, she yearns for the welcoming home she can never get. Yet, something changes on this trip. The change in Akischa story does not happen in her surroundings, as it so rarely does with the Dandelion Children, it happens within Akischa as she once again faces the rejection, turbulence and heart ache but this time with the strength of an adult.

Director Ida Theresa Myklebost
Producer  Ida Theresa Myklebost
Scriptwriter  Ida Theresa Myklebost, with guidance from Lotte Mik-Meyer and Mik Stampe
Cinematographer Ida Theresa Myklebost
Editor Ida Theresa Myklebost, with guidance from Inge-Lise Langfeldt
Sound Designer Anders Mørk, and composer Danielle Price


Johan Johanaš

Dark Comedy 105 min

Absurd, erotic, grotesque, funny love story “Johan Johanaš” addresses the women’s position inside the Indigenous Sámi society. Film plays with gender norms and sexuality. The story happens in the epic Arctic world where the women need to be a little bit of beasts themselves if they want to survive in tough wilderness.

Pitched by Suvi West (director)
School ELO Film School (FI)

Suvi’s graduation film

Eatnameamet - Our Silent Struggle

Documentary 74 min

A documentary depiction about Finnish government politics in regards to the Sámi people, about the erasure of Sámi culture and its people’s fight for existence.

Director Suvi West
Producer Janne Niskala
Scriptwriter Suvi West
Cinematographer Anssi Kömi
Editor Markus Leppälä
Sound Designer Pekka Aikio


Titanic Club

Drama / romance / comedy 90 min

This is the story about Vebjørn and Oona. About their fight to overcome barriers within themselves, in order to give in to each other. It’s a tender and ridiculous story about longing, fear, falling behind, and falling in love.

Pitched by Håkon Anton Olavsen (Director)
School The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Pitched by Sunniva Kviteberg (scriptwriter)
School The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Håkon and Sunniva’s graduation film


Fiction 28 min

Vebjørn (29) has never had a girlfriend. He works as a mascot and ski instructor at a skiing resort. One day he crashes into the ski tourist, Polina, ruining her holiday. While he tries to make up for the accident, unexpected chemistry between the two arises. But Vebjørn’s anxiety around girls soon catches up with him, as he struggles to get over the idea that no one can like him in a romantic way.

Director Håkon Anton Olavsen
Producer Louise Beyer
Scriptwriter Sunniva Kviteberg
Cinematographer Anna Fabricius
Editor Anna Løvlund
Sound Designer Jakob Bechmann
Production designer Fredrik Teige Skrattegård


Spirit of the glass

Fantasy, surrealism, period 30 min. 8 episodes

With contrast between tangible realism and surreal fantasy, four kids escape anxious homes to form a secret club. Through the game Spirit of the glass they get contact with spirits and the boundaries between reality and fantasy starts to blur.

Pitched by Lina Berger (Director)
School HDK-Valand (SE)

Lina’s graduation film

Inside the aquarium

Fiction 19 min

The first time ten-year-old neighbors Billie and Amina meet they end up fighting. But the world surrounding the apartments in Kville is small and two children who flee the anxiety of their homes are bound to meet again. Soon they realize they have more in common than they first thought. They form a strong friendship in which they give each other confidence. In a colorful summer bubble they become each other’s universes, but the world outside keeps on moving and the summer can’t last forever. 

Director Lina Berger
Producer Nils Bolin
Scriptwriter Tara Mahmoudi
Cinematographer Antonio Ikovic
Editor Matilda Lind
Sound Designer Lina Berger
Composer Jesper Jonason



Comedy/nature 80 min

When the sun goes to 2 month long sleep behind the horizon in Lapland begins the night of Santas little subcontractors. Santaland is a story of a sled dog guide Emmi and an elf Nikander who both for the Santa Claus to make tourists happy.

Pitched by niko Väistö (Director)
School ELO Film School Finland (FI)

Niko’s graduation film

Polar night light

Documentary 27 min

Antti, a musher from Northern Finland, who would rather be a sleddog than a man, won’t give up his way of life despite being adviced contrarily. In the dogsled world there is no going back after hopping on the sledge.

Polar Night Light is a short documentary of a man and his love to he’s sled dogs. The film follows Antti during the polar night while his freedom to be himself is being compromised.

Director Niko Väistö
Producer Ella Ruohonen
Scriptwriter Niko Väistö
Cinematographer Aku Koskinen
Editor Ella Kiviniemi
Sound Designer Iivo Korhonen