7 September 14.00 – 15.15
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7 September 10.45 – 13.05



Pitched by: Alma Giese (producer)& Las Dyhrcrone (director)
School: The National Film School of Denmark

Three young people in a godforsaken town navigate the fine line between pleasure and self-destructiveness, in the pursuit of identity and belonging.

Alma & Las’s graduation film


When Frederik, Alexander and Christian painted graffiti together, the three brothers felt invincible. But since Alexander died, everything has changed. Christian has turned to alcohol and Frederik – who has lost faith in life itself – is using opioids. One night, Frederik meets a stranger who revives his curiosity and understanding. In the darkness of night, on the run from the police, his new friend becomes the catalyst for Frederik’s redemption.

Duration: 44 min.
Director: Las Dyhrcrone
Producer: Alma Giese
Scriptwriter: Astrid Plenser Hansen
Cinematographer: Roxana Reiss
Editor: Carl Gustav Nordentoft
Sound Designer: Jonathan Fran Kaiser



Pitched by: Inga Pohjolainen (Director)
School: ELO Film School Finland

“Lapsenvahdit” is a tv-series about young Kaino and Ruu who take their first, fumbling steps towards adulthood. Through the eyes of the girls they are babysitting, they begin to understand that first, they have to meet their own, inner children.

Inga’s graduation film

Mammoth (Fic)

Alva is at the start of adulthood, pondering on whether to leave to a metropolis or to stay in her hometown. On her last day of work at the museum, Alva meets a little girl, a runaway, staring at a mammoth. Alva decides to help her find the way back home. During the journey, the little girl makes Alva reflect on her connection to the place she grew up in.

Duration: 21 min.
Director: Inga Pohjolainen
Producer: Anniina Kaari
Scriptwriter: Inga Pohjolainen
Cinematographer: Alicia Corpas
Editor: Anni Tiainen
Sound Designer: Haruna Nakada

Putting Scott to Rest


Pitched by: Ömer Sami (Director)
School: The National Film School of Denmark

Three brothers embark on a road-trip to scatter their estranged brother’s ashes in his imaginary homeland, as per his final wish. They visit people and places that shaped him, attempting to understand and accept his version of who he was.

Ömer’s graduation film

Eternal Father (DOC)

Afraid that he won’t be around to see his children grow up, Nasar decides to be cryonically frozen upon death. As his family grapples with what it means for their lives, and whether they should follow suit, Nasar is forced to reassess what truly matters in life. An intimate and existential exploration of how we deal with mortality

Duration: 30 min.
Director: Ömer Sami
Producer: Alma Dyekjær Giese
Cinematographer: Roxana Reiss
Editor: Ania de Sá
Sound Designer: Jonathan Franz Kaiser
Dramaturge: Oscar Dyekjær Giese
Composer: Christian Balvig



Pitched by: Solîn Bakircian (Director) & Carla Mantilla (Producer)
School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH)

After being caught planning his death, Yusuf (14) gets sent off to his relatives’ farm in Kurdistan, where he’s forced to become a shepherd and explores the mystery of self-discovery in a whirlwind of farm adventures.

Solîn’s graduation film

If Daughters Could Kill (Fic)

Laura has recently lost her mom, and in her fear of being alone, she takes her daughter to a parent-child retreat to work on their strained relationship. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary retreat when they are forced into pink uniforms alongside other children and parents.

Duration: 14 min.
Director: Solîn Bakircian
Producer: Amir Halim
Scriptwriter: Hanna Rosén
Cinematographer: Viktor Envall
Editor: Aleksandra Sende
Sound Designer: Björn Van Wieden

Givers and Takers


Pitched by: Sofia Due Rosenzweig (Director)
School: The National Film School of Denmark

Lea and Max are a broke artist couple who try to have a threesome with Kai in order to finance their first feature film. The disastrous encounter unfolds as each characters’ fantasies clash with reality. Based on a true story.

Sofia’s graduation film


Five years after the death of their best friend Clém, Ines and Kira’s friendship seems beyond repair. Inès attempts to save their friendship when a bus suddenly hits them. Reunited with Clém in a surreal near-death experience between life and death, Ines and Kira must resolve their friendship and maybe return back to life.

Duration: 25 min.
Director: Sofia Due Rosenzweig
Producer: Kristian Pugholm
Scriptwriter: Carl Helgers
Cinematographer: Amelie Chue Mattisen
Editor: Freja Borrowman
Sound Designer: Nanna Buch