9 September



The Great Unknown

Fiction film

A bittersweet, life-affirming dramedy about learning how to cope with death. About the meaning of life or lack thereof told through the perspectives of Lui, her mother and grandmother. An awkward story about bad mothers, and even worse daughters.

Pitched by: Charlotte Brodthagen (director) and Sophie D’Souza (producer)
Email: charlottebrodthagen@gmail.com, sophie.dsouza@filmbyen.dk
School: The National Film School of Denmark (DK)

Charlotte and Sophie’s graduation film


Length (in minutes): 33:41

A touching and humorous drama about NANNA (28) and her mother CLAUDIA (52) who’s ill with cancer but refuses to talk about it and the awkwardness this leads to. The two women go on a weekend-trip to the Wadden Sea with different agendas, and things unravel as they find themselves in a relationship showdown during the natural phenomenon “Black Sun”. “ADIEU” is a bittersweet declaration of love and a celebration of all the nuances of life.

Director: Charlotte Brodthagen
Producer: Anne Falkesgaard Hansen and Sophie D’Souza
Scriptwriter: Ida Åkerstrøm Knudsen and Charlotte Brodthagen
Cinematographer: Philip Peng Rosenthal
Editor: Viola Hjorth 
Sound Designer: Jacob Langkjær Davidsen
Composer: Gabriel Hessérus

Kirsikka’s graduation film

When the Mill Hill Trees Spoke to Me (DOC)

Length (in minutes): 17

The filmmaker returns to her childhood village. As she looks at her own past and the place’s history, an investigation into the relationship between human and nature takes form. A contemplative, poetic journey to nature’s presence.

Director: Kirsikka Paakkinen
Producer: Kirsikka Paakkinen
Scriptwriter: Kirsikka Paakkinen
Cinematographer: Mauri Lähdesmäki
Editor: Kirsikka Paakkinen, Mauri Lähdesmäki
Sound Designer: Pietu Korhonen



Documentary film

A globally unique biotype over a vast phosphorus ore, local resistance and multinational mining company. The unbroken peace of wilderness becomes endangered when conflicting interests meet on the outskirts of civilization. What happens if the last untouched wilderness is lost?

Pitched by: Kirsikka Paakkinen (writer/director)
Email: kirsikka.paakkinen@gmail.com
School: HDK-Valand (SE)


Free men

Fiction film

Daniel and Emil’s friendship is tested after they are fired from their work after accidentally ruining an expensive machine with juice concentrate. Unsuccessful to find a job they become criminals when they steal fish from their former workplace.

Pitched by: Óskar Vignisson (writer/director)
Email: oskarvignis@gmail.com
School: The National Film School of Denmark (DK)

Óskar’s graduation film

Free Men (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 29

Two best friends get in trouble with their job when asked to fix a toilet in an illegal housing for foreign workers.

Director: Óskar Kristinn Vignisson
Producer: Søs Thøstesen
Scriptwriter: Sune Maglegaard and Óskar Kristinn Vignisson
Cinematographer: Christian Karlsen
Editor: Mie Sofie Nielsen
Sound Designer: Diana Queirós
Composer: Gabriel Hessérus
Music: Ólafur Björn Ólafsson
Production Designer: Signe Krab Nymann

Anni’s graduation film

Verge (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 23

Sampo introduces his girlfriend Heli for the first time to his whole family at his parents’ wedding anniversary party. As the night goes on, they learn new and unexpected traits of each other.

Director: Marika Harjusaari
Producer: Paria Eskandari
Scriptwriter: Anni Pulkkinen
Cinematographer: Joni Juutilainen
Editor: Nikke Bagge
Sound Designer: Juuso Oksala

The team has selected Anni’s film for the Vimeo showcase. Meri’s graduation film is Homebound.



Drama series, 8 x 25’

Three young women break hearts for a living. At first it’s fun and cold hard cash, but once their own feelings get involved, facades fall apart. The series studies female friendships and the attempt to execute Hammurabi’s law into relationships.

Pitched by: Anni Pulkkinen (writer) and Meri Itäkodes (director)
Email: pulkkinenannielina@gmail.com, meri.itakodes@gmail.com
School: ELO Film School Finland (FI)



Fiction film

This dark satire explores the term ”self-fulfillment” through the parallel stories of Lo as a child, and Lo as a young adult. If you were never seen in your family, how do you make yourself seen in society?

Pitched by: Elin Övergaard (writer/director)
Email: elin.overgaard@gmail.com
School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) (SE)

Elin’s graduation film

Patient & the Undersigned (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 16:20

Laura has been in therapy at psychologist Theo for two years. Theo has to let her go due to health care cuts, but neither of them wants this last session to end. “Patient & the Undersigned” is a completely improvised film, filmed on 16 mm. It studies the unique sort of relationship that therapy is, in a health care system that lacks resources.

Director: Elin Övergaard
Producer: Hanna Hannerz, Tove Myrne Widfors
Scriptwriter: Filippa Holm
Cinematographer: Amanda Muisyo
Editor: Isabella Karlström
Sound Designer: Moa Hamner, Therese Gylfe
Composer: Oscar Collin