8 September




Drama series, 6x30’

Two friends struggling with gambling problems are trying to move on in their lives while going in and out of addiction and trying to run away from the past.

Pitched by: Frederik Ringtved (writer)
Email: frederikidag@hotmail.com
School: The National Film School of Denmark (DK)

Frederik’s graduation film

The hole (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 30

Elias is a young man living with his father Frank in a house in the middle of nowhere. They spend their life filling a mysterious hole which keeps appearing in their living room every day. Even though Frank is happy with this life Elias’ frustration grows, which soon leads to a confrontation between father and son.

Director: Christoffer Ansel
Producer: Jenny Mettesen
Scriptwriter: Frederik B. Ringtved
Cinematographer: Carl-August Jansson
Editor: Kasper Schultz Simonsen
Sound Designer: Peter Storm Wich

August’s graduation film

Space Is Quite a Lot of Things (DOC)

Length (in minutes): 11

Curiosity about a world without gender sets a journey through a world of jellyfish and disco uncles, creating space for four trans people to share how they relate (or not) to their own gender, imagine visions of their own queer utopia, and reveal whether gender can be felt in your toes.

Director: August Joensalo
Producer: August Joensalo
Scriptwriter: August Joensalo
Cinematographer: August Joensalo
Editor: August Joensalo
Sound Designer: Tatu Viitanen
Music: Tatu Viitanen


Nonbinary Bones

Documentary film

Nonbinary Bones is a film about four nonbinary people fighting for agency over their bodies: smuggling illegal testosterone and going against doctors who claim to be able to decide about other people’s genders and bodies.

Pitched by: August Joensalo (writer/director)
Email: utopianarratives@gmail.com
School: HDK-Valand (SE)



Fiction film

Bahar, a married Afghan woman wakes up every day with an inner conflict. She believes she’s married to Tamim because she loves him, but she can’t understand her tenderness for Nadia, a woman she’s befriended.

Pitched by: Alireza Teimori (writer/director)
Email: alirezateimori7@gmail.com
School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) (SE)

Alireza’s graduation film

Ziba (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 20

Ziba is married to Nabil and together they live in Stockholm, but she has affair with Alice and Nabil gets to know this.

Director: Alireza Teimori
Producer: Hanna Hannerz Simà and Tove Myrne Widfors
Scriptwriter: Helmi Tolonen and EliSophie Andrée
Cinematographer: Robin Trolin
Editor: Moa Nyberg Waller
Sound Designer: Bo Marcus Ohlsson

Violeta’s graduation film


Length (in minutes): 4

It’s the RIOT5 roller derby team’s decisive match against their fated rivals, the Sirens, to see which team can make it all the way to the finals. After months of hard work, RIOT5 finally became a team that could compete on even ground with fan favorite Sirens, but disaster strikes when Griz, the team’s best blocker, is seriously injured during a pivotal moment in the match.

Director: Violeta Fellay
Producer: The Animation Workshop
Scriptwriter: Violeta Fellay, Mariana Costa, Catarina Azevedo
Cinematographer: Hugo Beaurepère
Editor: Michelle Gruppetta
Sound Designer: Bjarke Brokhøj and Johan August Dyrløv Høegh
Technical Direction: Sofie Kjaer
Animation Lead: Elisabeth Wengstad
Storyboard: Michelle Gruppetta and Mariana Costa
Animation: Stine Ipsen and Micki From Johannsen



Animated series, 26x24’

CHERRY is the ubiquitous millennial: freshly graduated, unable to find a job, working part-time, and filled with anxiety. But then she meets GRIZ, who practically drags her to roller derby practice, and convinces her to join the all-female team for training.

Pitched by: Violeta Fellay (director/producer)
Email: violeta.fellay@gmail.com
School: The Animation Workshop (DK)



Fiction film

A surrealistic thriller that challenges the intersection of race and gender. The story follows LOVETTE 20, a mysterious woman who drifts along The Gambian beach, with a hole in her soul that can only be repaired by murdering European men.

Pitched by: Hawa Sanneh (producer) and Jimm Garbis (producer)
Email: hawasanneh@gmail.com, jimmgarbis@gmail.com
School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) (SE)

Hawa’s graduation film

Catcave Hysterica (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 19

Three stories take place during one night at a ladies room in a nightclub. It’s a film about heartbreak, sisterhood, friendship and betrayal that unites us on a colourful and emotional journey.

Director: Angelika Abramovitch
Producer: Hawa Sanneh
Scriptwriter: Agnes Jeppsson
Cinematographer: Malin LQ
Editor: Tove Lindblom
Sound Designer: Tove Lidman
Music: Javad Safari
Production design: Lisanne FransénArt Director: Klara Söderqvist

Jimm’s graduation film

A Swedish Defence (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 20

In this satirical drama, A Turkish military delegation is visiting Sweden and the weapon engineer Josef has been entrusted with selling the new Swedish weapons system. Unfortunately, Joseph’s 16-year-old daughter Nadia is a peace activist and together with her friends she is determined to stop the arms deal. When Josef cannot find his keycard, chaos and family quarrels break out in the middle of world politics.

Director: Simon Elvås
Producer: Jimm Garbis
Scriptwriter: Theodor Österberg
Cinematographer: Filip Stankovic
Editor: Robin Bukhamseen
Sound Designer: Oskar Karmskog and Björn van Weiden
Composer: Adam Bejstam
Production Designer: Linda Pistol