7 September 09.15 – 10.30
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6 September 15.30 – 17.50

London - Oslo

Fiction, Series

Pitched by: Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid (director)
School: HDK-Valand

Where do you go when you don’t feel safe? In the aftermath of a mass shooting during Oslo Pride, a group of gay women try to continue their lives as the trauma exposes deeply buried emotions. Pushing thirty, they find new community and direction.

Signe’s graduation film

Extra (Fic)

In the aftermath of a mass shooting outside Oslo’s oldest gay bar, two friends and a little sister grapple with questions of what it means to be different. Extra is a playful stream of consciousness, a universe where more is more, where limits are tested and prejudice and stereotypes are challenged.

Duration: 13 min.
Director: Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Producer: Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Scriptwriter: Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Cinematographer: Sophie Søborg Mosbæk
Editor: Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Sound Designer: Ylva Gulpinar

How to Hygge


Pitched by: Rikke Nørgaard (director) & Anna Cold Winge Leisner (producer)
School: The National Film School of Denmark

A Dane is building a 28.000 sqm Danish Lifestyle Center in China that will include a copy Of the central part of Randers where the Chinese will be able to live and learn about “hygge”

Rikke’s graduation film

Once Upon a Time on Twitch (DOC)

Danny is struggling in his 9to5 job as a bricklayer and escapes his reality by livestreaming on twitch. Thousands of people are watching as he cleans his car and prepares dinner. Through his livestreams, Danny becomes a dreamy gateway to the real world for those who are struggling with social anxiety and loneliness. But as things are getting hard in his personal life, not all followers are equally supportive of his temporary exit from the stream.

Duration: 46 min.
Director: Rikke Nørgaard
Producer: Anna Cold Winge Leisner
Scriptwriter: Amalie Kjeldergaard
Cinematographer: Anthon Falkenstrøm Tougaard
Editor: Maria Winther Juma
Sound Designer: Hannah Zwennes
Production Designer: Maria Bro
Composer: Josefine Skov

I Dream About Myself At Night


Pitched by: Irma Bergdahl (Editor)
School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH)

This film is about growing up. About the shame in wanting to disconnect to your roots and the courage to be able to reconnect. About being the only child and to carry the legacy of your ancestors all alone.

Irma’s graduation film

2008 Loves You (Fic)

When two friends realize they may have grown apart, they spend an evening together in hopes of rediscovering the unconditional friendship they shared during childhood.

Duration: 16 min.
Director: Nellie Lexfors
Producer: Iman Ismail
Scriptwriter: Maja Palm
Cinematographer: Rikard Nilsson
Editor: Irma Bergdahl
Sound Designer: Tove Lidman & Moa Hamner

Great Acts of Humiliation


Pitched by: Marlene Emilie Lyngstad (director)& Carl Osbæck Adelkilde (producer)
School: The National Film School of Denmark

Stellas life is structured through repetitive rituals: at work she maintains dead bodies. At home she takes on the identity of a cub-fox owned by her boyfriend, Richard. When Richard’s health is weakened, her systems are starting to disintegrate.

Marlene’s graduation film

Norwegian Offspring (FIC)

A mother passes away, and her estranged son – obsessed with theories about the repression of male sexuality in modern society – starts longing for offspring of his own.

Duration: 45 min.
Director: Marlene Emilie Lyngstad
Producer: Carl Osbæck Adelkilde
Scriptwriter: Marlene Emilie Lyngstad & Emilie Koefoed Larsen
Cinematographer: Thomas Dyrholm
Editor: Ania de Sá
Sound Designer: Emil Salling



Pitched by: Felix Augustin Greisinger (Production Designer) & Petar Mrdjen (Sound Designer)
School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH)

Rafael has it all. The look. The praise. The dicks and lays. Only one thing remains closed off to him – intimacy. In a world where gay men are the new norm, the facade of masculinity will come crumbling down.

Felix’s graduation film


Rafael and Alex meet in the gym locker room. They engage in a fast, intense sexual encounter. Rafael avoids emotional connection, focusing on his reflection in the mirror. Briefly captivated by the intimacy, he suppresses it, unable to allow himself such feelings. Overwhelmed, Rafael leaves and joins his friends for training. Meanwhile, Alex starts a dance rehearse with a friend as suddenly their movements slowly become an intimate exchange. Rafael observes, torn between superficiality and the unattainable world of intimacy.

Duration: 9 min.
Director: Felix Augustin Greisinger
Producer: Svante Tidholm
Scriptwriter: Felix Augustin Greisinger
Cinematographer: Christine Leuhusen
Editor: Erik Dalström & Alexander Linder
Sound Designer: Petar Mrdjen