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21 Days

Drama 10 min. 21 episodes

A former refugee learns that he’s losing the citizenship of the country he’s lived in for eight years. Faced with the possibility of losing everyone close to him, he has to figure out a way to deal with the situation.

Pitched by Michael Mellemløkken Renjo (Director)
School The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Michael’s graduation film

The Homeland

Fiction 15 min

Three years after Sara’s former boyfriend was deported from Norway, he comes back to restart his life in Oslo, but Sara has moved on and started her own new life with one of their mutual friends. They meet again as friends, but soon Sara discovers that she hasn’t entirely departed from the old life they had together, which ended so abruptly three years prior.

Director Michael Mellemløkken Renjo
Scriptwriter  Michael Mellemløkken Renjo
Cinematographer Even Grimsgaard
Editor Michael Mellemløkken Renjo
Sound Designer


All The Light That Remains

Documentary 65 min.

In a remote part of Finland, near the Russian border, lies Mätäsvaara. A former mining village, its secrets are hidden and its history forgotten. Now a new mine is planned, an event that will reshape the village’s fate.

Pitched by Moona Pennanen (Director)
School ELO Film School Finland (FI)

Moona’s graduation film

The Land That Rises And Descends

Documentary 20 min

The Land that Rises and Descends (2021) explores Finland’s unknown backyard: the Kvarken Archipelago. Kvarken is a unique place where the sea is the future land and the land was previously the sea. There myths as old as time form part of daily reality, and the rising and descending of the land raises questions of the archipelago’s future existence.

Director Moona Pennanen
Producer Ida Karoskoski
Scriptwriter Moona Pennanen
Cinematographer Jesse Jalonen
Editor Heli Kota
Sound Designer Juuso Oksala



Dramedy 25 min. 8 episodes

Janelle gets the ick from everything related to bodies, intimacy, and sex. But taking on the job as a personal assistant for Ragnhild, an outspoken body activist in a wheelchair, forces Janelle to face her own inhibitions.

Pitched by Sunniva Kviteberg (scriptwriter)
School The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Sunniva’s graduation film


Fiction 28 min

Vebjørn (29) has never had a girlfriend. He works as a mascot and ski instructor at a skiing resort. One day he crashes into the ski tourist, Polina, ruining her holiday. While he tries to make up for the accident, an unexpected chemistry between the two arises. But Vebjørn’s anxiety around girls soon catches up with him, as he struggles to get over the idea that no one can like him in a romantic way.

Director Håkon Anton Olavsen
Producer Louise Beyer
Scriptwriter Sunniva Kviteberg
Cinematographer Anna Fabricius
Editor Anna Løvlund
Sound Designer Jakob Bechmann


My name is man

Experimental, Art house 60 min

What happens when your feelings are repressed? Do you remember, can you? Long tradition and testosterone to the max, a separation and suddenly a crack on the reality. Are you the same? Are you man enough?

Pitched by Evangelos (Vangelis) Kollias (Director)
School HDK-Valand (SE)

Vangelis’s graduation film

How to Say Goodbye

Documentary 20 min

In this essay film the filmmaker Vangelis Kollias constructs a poetic reading on the sorrow process of separation from the birthplace. Where is your mind when your body travels? Are you searching for imaginary places? Why can’t you sleep at night? An exploration of the feelings through sounds, words and images, after all a manual of how to say goodbye.

Director Vangelis Kollias
Producer  Vangelis Kollias
Scriptwriter  Vangelis Kollias
Cinematographer Vangelis Kollias
Editor Vangelis Kollias
Sound Designer Vangelis Kollias



Drama/comedy 20 min. 8 episodes

In everyday life we ​​meet people who are invisible to us, who are extras in our lives. PORTER is an anthology series about a strange mix of people who do an important job no one notices.

Pitched by Lisa Enes (Director)
School The Norwegian Film School (NO)

Lisa’s graduation film


Fiction 15 min

Mai Linn works as a porter at one of the biggest hospitals in Oslo, Norway. Due to extreme shyness, her colleagues hardly notice her and take her for granted. She feels that she is standing still, a bit like moss. But inside her there is a rich inner life and a great dream of being seen, heard and a desire to connect with people. The day we meet her, she has brought a present for a terminally ill patient she has become well acquainted with. On her way to visit the patient, Mai Linn discovers she has passed away during the night. Her friend’s passing makes Mai Linn slowly realize that it is time for her to stop tiptoeing in her own life, and finally take a leap.

Director Lisa Enes
Producer  Lisa Enes
Scriptwriter  Lisa Enes
Cinematographer Alvilde Naterstad
Editor Lisa Enes
Sound Designer Magnus Haukaas