8 September




Drama series, 6x20’-25’

Fencers Sofie and Jacob are summoned to the 17th century to save smug young Henricus from the bishop’s execution. They face real battles, political conspiracies and themselves. “Period-light” Feud combines historical events with fantasy and can be a multi-seasonal format.

Pitched by: Marlon Saares (writer/director)
Email: marlon.saares@gmail.com
School: ARCADA University of Applied Science (FI)


Marlon’s graduation film

Feud - pitch trailer (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 3.46

In glances from Feud’s first draft episode, we meet young fencers Jakob and Sofie being thrown to the 17th century thanks to an old sword he gets from Professor Charlotte. She is their guide to the past where they confront three historical characters. Finland’s Governor General Per Brahe is in constant battle with bishop Terserus. The bishop gives burger son Henricus the death penalty for learning Arabic too fast. 

Director: Marlon Saares
Producer: Sonja Laitinen
Scriptwriter: Marlon Saares
Cinematographer: Max Majander
Editor: Max Majander
Sound Designer: Tobias Jansson

Søren’s graduation film

Kraftenlos (DOC)

Length (in minutes): 29

A film director invites his family to help prepare a party for his mother after she has suffered from depression. In a chaotic film studio with chickens and balloons, the family throws themselves into transforming the room while the memories and thoughts of darkness slowly disappear.

Director: Søren Brydesen
Producer: Asser Bo Paludan
Scriptwriter: Søren Brydesen and Sune Maglegaard
Cinematographer: Philip Peng Rosenthal
Editor: Mie Sofie Nielsen
Sound Designer: Jacob Langkjær


Field Flowers

Documentary series/show, 30’ episodes

In a small yellow house in the countryside of Denmark a group of people come to express themselves. They are there to do what they know best and we, the audience, are there to feel a little less lonely.

Pitched by: Søren Brydesen (director)
Email: sorenbrydesen@gmail.com
School: The National Film School of Denmark (DK)


A soviet love story

Fiction film

This film is about love, youth and music in the midst of a burning Soviet Union where little was allowed and music from the west was considered propaganda. On a Crimean riviera a restless youth made history and found love.

Pitched by: Angelika Abramovitch (director)
Email: angelika.abramovitch@gmail.com
School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) (SE)

Angelika’s graduation film

Catcave Hysterica (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 19

Three stories take place during one night at a ladies room in a nightclub. It’s a film about heartbreak, sisterhood, friendship and betrayal that unites us on a colourful and emotional journey.

Director: Angelika Abramovitch
Producer: Hawa Sanneh
Scriptwriter: Agnes Jeppsson
Cinematographer: Malin LQ
Editor: Tove Lindblom
Sound Designer: Tove Lidman
Music: Javad Safari
Production design: Lisanne Fransén
Art Director: Klara Söderqvist

Inka’s graduation film

Bind (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 13

A teenage girl has to come to terms with her father whose fear and helplessness manifest  in a need for control under the guise of for-your-own-good tough love.

BIND is a proof of concept short film for a feature film project Me, Brenda that Inka is developing for the US markets.

Director: Inka Rusi
Producer: Sara Fenton and Tanja Rusi
Scriptwriter: Inka Rusi
Cinematographer: Richard Van
Editor: Inka Rusi
Sound Designer: Mikko Aspelin


The great unknown (Min Ljusa Stad)

Drama series, 6x54’

The forgotten life of Sally Salminen whose journey takes her from a small fishing village to New York City in the 1930s, returning to Finland at the onset of the Winter War and finally ending up in Copenhagen during the Nazi occupation.


Inside your border

Fiction film

A 16-year-old daughter follows her weapon engineering father to Thailand on a business trip. Bored with her father’s focus on work she finds herself with some local new friends just as a military coup takes over the country.

Pitched by: Simon Elvås (writer/director)
Email: simon.elvas@gmail.com
School: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) (SE)

Simon’s graduation film

A Swedish Defence (FIC)

Length (in minutes): 20

In this satirical drama, A Turkish military delegation is visiting Sweden and the weapon engineer Josef has been entrusted with selling the new Swedish weapons system. Unfortunately, Joseph’s 16-year-old daughter Nadia is a peace activist and together with her friends she is determined to stop the arms deal. When Josef cannot find his keycard, chaos and family quarrels break out in the middle of world politics.

Director: Simon Elvås
Producer: Jimm Garbis
Scriptwriter: Theodor Österberg
Cinematographer: Filip Stankovic
Editor: Robin Bukhamseen
Sound Designer: Oskar Karmskog and Björn van Weiden
Composer: Adam Bejstam
Production Designer: Linda Pistol