Thursday 9 September from 14.00 (CEST) in Airmeet

Building long-lasting bridges is an essential part of Nordic Talents. After the Producers’ Pitch we will organize a digital meetup with opportunities for round table information meetings/discussions and short one-to-one speed dating meetings in the platform Airmeet’s Social Lounge.

All participants will receive a separate Airmeet-invite to this session via e-mail 9 September in the morning. Use this link to join the networking.

After a short introduction the meetup will start with two rounds of round table-meetings of 20 minutes each. We have invited professionals to host a table each and discuss a relevant topic or share their expertise with our participants. One table can have up to 8 chairs (including the host).

Our matchmaker Amila Cirkinagic has prior to the event connected the professionals and the pitchers and reserved chairs for them at the tables. Free seats are available for other NT-participants interested to hear or learn more from our industry professionals. Once logged in participants can find a vacant chair and join the table at the start of each meeting.

The round table discussions are scheduled to start 14.05 and 14.25 (CEST).


These are some of the topics we discuss at the round tables:

  • Co-production
  • Development
  • Distribution/Festival strategy
  • Funding
  • SVOD

We round off by 20 fun minutes of short speed-dating meetings in the platform’s speed dating carousel. The system will match you, but you will have the option to decline a “date”. We hope everyone will hop in and enjoy the ride!

Speed dating is scheduled to start 14.50 (CEST).