Christoph Fey
Christoph is an entertainment lawyer at VON HAVE FEY, internationally recognized for his work in the business of film and television. He represents writing, directing and producing talent, working on critically acclaimed shows such as Criminal Minds, Deutschland 83/86/89, Eyewitness, Homeland (Hatufim), In The Fade, In Treatment (Be Tipul), The Cleaners and Unorthodox. Alongside being a lawyer, he runs FRED FILMS, an independent agency packaging finance for big budget drama series. Christoph is a founding partner of the ENTERTAINMENT MASTER CLASS, a non-for-profit, peer-to-peer executive education program, launched in 2005 as the first “Format Academy” worldwide. He has written widely on copyright law and the business of television entertainment, most recently the book TRADING TV FORMATS for the European Broadcasting Union.

The Show and the Business of the Show

Broadcasters and streaming services know that today’s viewers do not watch networks, they watch shows. Sooner or later, power shifts to those who know how to tell stories, but it still takes a village to make a show. A creative producer, conceptual director or main writer / showrunner needs to understand both: the show and the business of show business. In his keynote, Christoph Fey talks about the business of showrunning, and the deals you make along your way from scratch to screen. Listen in to learn what Nordic professionals should know about international rights practices when entering global negotiation tables.

Christoph Fey will stay for a Q&A session after the keynote that starts Thursday 22 October 11.30 (CEST). Send your questions to Emma Mørup: in advance, or simply ask them in the live chat in Zoom during his talk.