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TROM is a Nordic crime drama, set in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, The Faroe Islands. It is written and created by Torfinnur Jákupsson, adapted from a crime novel by Jógvan Isaksen. The drama series is produced by REinvent studios, Denmark and KYK Pictures, The Faroe Islands. Danish director Kasper Barfoed has concepted the series and directed the first 3 episodes and Icelandic director Davíd Óskar Ólafsson has directed the 3 last. It is set to premiere on Viaplay early 2022.

In this case study we will ask creator and scriptwriter Torfinnur Jákupsson to explain the journey from idea to final script. And REinvent by sales & marketing director Helene Aurø, Finance controller Benedetta Sandri and producer Jón Hammer, will go through the finance structure and discuss the obstruction when you realize a project like this, set in a rather unknown, isolated setting, and in the local language. Obstructions who seem both expensive and require extra resources. How did they manage to finance the project? The potential of the series, sale etc.

Torfinnur Jákupsson is a Faroese screenwriter, based in the Faroe Islands and Denmark, represented by Stockholm-based boutique agency Albatros Agency. After studying and working in London for ten years, Torfinnur decided to change industry from the world of news and finance to film, move back home, and create and write his first series and the first ever Faroese TV drama series, crime drama “TROM.”

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Jón Hammer began his film career at Zentropa in Copenhagen in 2012. In 2017 he released his first feature film produced for Adomeit Film and founded the Faroese production company Kykmyndir. Jón is a producer for Adomeit Film Denmark, while continuing to produce films in his native Faroe Islands through his own company Kykmyndir. 

Helene Aurø is Sales & Marketing Director for REinvent. She joined Rikke Ennis at REinvent Studios in 2018 after being Director for DR Sales for nearly 20 years exporting the well know Nordic series to the world. Helene is responsible for building the sales organization at REinvent that sells and finances series from all the Nordic countries as well as represents feature films from SF Studios internationally.

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Benedetta Sandri joined REinvent Studios from the beginning in 2018 as a production and financial controller. She follows each project from development until distribution stage, helping and consulting on the financing and business strategy. Benedetta has extensive experience in film and TV international financing, with a particular focus on raising funds and reporting back to EU grant programmes.

The panel will be answering your questions after the case study. Ask them in the live chat in Zoom during the session.

The case study will be moderated by Dominic Schreiber, SVP of Co-Productions and Acquisitions for Newen Connect.