08-09 september

Let’s build some
long-lasting bridges!

For 20 years the Nordic Talents event has welcomed film school graduates from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. There is a special power in the concept that builds bridges between upcoming talents and experienced professionals while crossing national borders. During my less than two years at the Fund I have met multiple creators who still thank the event for helping them trust their own voices while going Nordic. No wonder many participants return year after year.

Since March last year we’ve all learned that a whole deal of communication can be done through our screens. Finding new long-lasting contacts might be tougher though. Digital networking is very much in focus when planning the second digital edition of Nordic Talents. One reason for staying virtual is that our main guests, the new talents belong to the generation that gets vaccinated last. The Fund wants to grant total safety and equal participation opportunities to all. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that travels through all screens and makes every firstcomer want to return.

It will be a pleasure to see pitches of inspiring projects from different Nordic corners. We can all look forward to strong feature film, documentary, drama series and animation suggestions. I want to thank our pan-Nordic jury that will have the tough task of choosing two projects to award.

A very special welcome to the 18 pitchers of the 15 selected projects. Nordic Talents is truly your event. We hope all of you will be inspired to award yourself during the event and after it by building long-lasting bridges to fellow pitchers, to Nordic companies and to all of us other participants.

Liselott Forsman
CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond